Can We Take a Minute to Appreciate the Kickass Women of the Cannes Jury?

Today is the first day of the Cannes Film Festival, and while we’ll likely be hearing all about the actual films in the coming days, today, everyone is in love with the women of the festival’s jury. From left to right in that photo above, that’s Khadja Nin, Lea Seydoux, Cate Blanchett (the jury president), Ava […]


Joy-Ann Reid Issues Apology for Homophobic Comments Controversy

MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid has issued an apology on her show AM Joy this morning, after anti-LGBTQ statements were found on her old blog, The Reid Report. When the reports first surfaced, Reid alleged that that they were the results of a cyber attack, but she said today that cyber security experts have not […]


Jen Petro-Roy Brings Religious Questioning and Queer Love to Middle Grade Books in P.S. I Miss You

As an adult when I pick up middle-grade and young adult books, I am thinking about what voids are being filled that weren’t around when I was growing up. While I am seeing more and more books with brown and black faces on them, good queer middle-grade books are still not as common as they […]


Men Who Are Fired for Harassment May Still Get Big Payouts, But We Wouldn’t Know

As more and more prominent, powerful men are having to face consequences for their alleged sexual misconduct in the workplace, it feels like a tiny bit of balance being restored. Seeing men like Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly and Harvey Weinstein lose (or leave) their jobs, along with much of their reputation, it’s satisfying to see […]


Hillary Clinton Addressed Sexual Harassment in Her Campaign & I Wish I Weren’t So Disappointed

Last Friday, The New York Times published an article revealing an instance of sexual harassment from within Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. According to the report, a senior adviser named Burns Strider (a low-level comic book villain name if ever there was one) was accused of harassing a 30-year-old female aide, both touching her inappropriately and […]


I Am Figuratively Burning With Rage Over This Bar’s Refusal to Serve Patrons Who Use the Word “Literally”

East Village bar the Continental expounds on their (tongue-in-cheek) ban on the word literally. Their stated goal now is to stop “Kardashianism.” cc: @edenbrower — evgrieve (@evgrieve) January 24, 2018 A bar in New York’s East Village has chosen the hill they want to die on, and it’s the word “literally.” According to this […]


Why Did The Last Jedi Fail so Badly in China?

“Fail” is a kind way of putting it. “Bombed” is is more accurate. The latest Star Wars epic is likely to earn less than movies like Valerian (remember Valerian?) and Geostorm (huh?) in the Chinese market. Although The Last Jedi was the biggest movie in North America in 2017—raking in a domestic box office of $591 million and $1.2 billion worldwide—China is the world’s #2 […]



The Caribbean region may be noted for gorgeous beaches and a slow-paced lifestyle, but it’s food that really defines the culture. Nothing illustrates the signature Caribbean mix of cultural influences like the cheap and tasty morsels sold on street corners, at outdoor markets and at roadside stands. Popular street treats like savoury Trinidadian doubles dripping […]