How To Train Your Hedgehog

How To: Litter Box Train Your Hedgehog

Cleaning up hedgie poop is no picnic! Litter training your hedgehog will make cleaning faster and more enjoyable and you will have even more time to play with hedgie!!!

Step 1: Finding Out Your Hedgie’s Pooping Pattern

Finding Out Your Hedgie's Pooping Pattern

In the first few days to weeks you have your hedgehog, observe where he goes to the bathroom. This will give you a guide on where to place your litter box. In the first few days, DO NOT GIVE YOUR HEDGEHOG HIS/HER WHEEL! If you do, s/he will adjust to using his wheel as a litter box which makes his/her feet gross and is disgusting to clean.*** If your hedgehog doesn’t choose a place to poop and goes all over, you will be fine, s/he is waiting for you to designate his/her potty!!!

***If your hedgehog has already taken on to pooping in his/her wheel, take it out for at least the first 3 days of potty training.

Step 2: Supplies

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You will need to make a litter box and fill it with litter!

1. The Litter box:
Cut a square tissue box in half through the hole. Deepen the divot (hedgie’s entrance) to make sure he can get in easily.

2. Litter:
Buy any dust free non clumping litter you can find! Buy a big bag, you won’t need very much in the beginning and a big bag will last you a year!

Step 3: Prepare

Scoop up some of your hedgie’s previous droppings and put them in his new litter box. This will give him the clue that you want him to poop there. Use very little litter so you hedgie will still be able to use his nose to find the potty and won’t get freaked out by the new substance.

Step 4: Place

Place your litter box where your hedgie likes to poop! I put mine next to his wheel! If your hedgie likes to poop in his wheel, put the litter box where the wheel usually sits. Tape the wheel down so hedgie doesn’t knock it over!

Step 5: Enforce

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When you are playing with your hedgie and you notice he is about to poop, quickly run him to his litter box. This will get him used to the idea.

Step 6: Tips


-Know that some hedgies never use a litter box. Do not get frustrated.

-No hedgie will use his/her litter box 100% of the time.

-Do not let hedgie use his litter box as a snuggle pen!

-Keep trying for some hedgehogs, it clicks after years of training.

-Keep your litter box away from hedgie’s food and water bowls!!! Who wants to eat on the toilet???

If you have a baby, know that they poop A LOT MORE than when they are adults. The quantity will gradually go down!

HAVE FUN!! Happy pooping!!!

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