Canadian Mom’s 14 Children Never Showed Up In Senior Care But What She Did Made Them Feel Ashamed

After 5 years of constant tragedies, an 81-year-old woman feels incredibly happy again – all of a sudden all her 14 children started to show their love and respect for her.
Sandy Johnson has always been a caring mother and a loving wife. She has devoted all her life to her family and she was very happy in her marriage.

5 years ago Sandy tragically lost her husband, but none of her 14 children supported her in this awful loss. Somehow they decided that it would be much better for an old woman to live the rest of her life in a retirement home without their attention.
“She had hardly survived the loss of her beloved husband, and then in 2013 another tragedy happened – she learned about her awful diagnosis and that she might have become disabled.” – explained Sandy’s neighbor to the New Day Digest reporters. “It was the time when she needed care and support of her children the most,” she added.

But all her 11 kids saw this situation in another way. Together they discussed the matter and decided that she was simply ‘losing her mind’ and that she needed ‘professional help.’ They picked up a Caring Center for her and forgot entirely about their mother. None of them came to visit her during all those years of loneliness.
One sunny morning a visit of a postman changed the situation completely. Sandy received a letter, from which she learned that she was rich! It turned out that her deceased husband had a secret bank account with the huge sum of money that belonged to her now.

Sandy’s decision was astonishing and really unexpected. She donated most of the sum to the Senior Care that became her home now and to a couple of people from the staff who became her friends and substituted her family.


“It was a great surprise for us!” said Samantha, the nurse of the retirement home to the reporters of New Day Digest. “We are extremely grateful to Sandy as this money will be of great help for all of us now. May God bless such generous people who care not only about themselves but about others, too!”
Our reporters couldn’t get any comments from Sandy’s kids, probably because they feel ashamed and do regret about their indecent attitude towards their mother.
Share this story with others and may be one day it will help to prevent such a situation in somebody’s family.

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